For over 40 years, promoting and explaining technology to encourage understanding and adoption by the business and consumers


Introducing Wayne Small

Wayne Small works as an independent consultant, to help explain and promote the use of technology to widespread audiences, including businesses, company boards, and end users.

Wayne does this via a number of mediums such as preparing and delivering presentations, training, articles and blog posts, direct involvement in product development and participation in online and offline communities.

For over 40 years, his ultimate goal has been is to help others understand and appreciate the value of the technology, and to encourage its understanding and widespread adoption.


What Wayne Does

Virtual CIO

Providing strategic IT guidance and leadership to businesses on a part-time or project basis.


Securing your business and your future. End user training, risk analysis, policy review, and breach investigation.

Technology Presenter

Globally accomplished presenter of all things tech. Empowering others through the magic of technology. 

Level 4 Technical Support

Stuck with a tricky tech issue? Wayne can help provide clarity and resolution to technical and non technical problems

MSP Support

Providing deep, high knowledge level assistance to technical projects.

IT Pro Support

Mentoring, Training and helping IT Professionals achieve greater results.

Need Help?

Technology expertise at your fingertips – just a message away.

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Here are some of the public places that Wayne is actively contributing to, both in business (paid) and community (free) engagements.


What People Are Saying

Having worked with Wayne for the past 10 years I cannot count the times that Wayne has been rolled into challenging situations and through a combination of his depth of knowledge and desire to impart wisdom both saved the day a for numerous businesses all the while taking the time to ensure he brings the rest of the team along for the ride, educating as he goes.

He is an excellent public speaker and his Security aware education presentations have ensured that we keep customers abreast of current trends and the ever evolving challenges in the cyber security space.

Aaron Smith

Sales Manager - Cloud Service Group at Orro Group

Wayne is a highly technical and highly motivated business person. Wayne can dive deep into Microsoft technology with little or no effort, as well as “bubble” up to the top and simply explain what’s going on. Additionally, Wayne goes out of his way to help those in need, regardless of his relationship with them. I enjoy working with Wayne.

Sean Daniel

Product Manager - Microsoft

What can I say about Wayne, except he is one of the most committed, technical and personable people that I have had the pleasure to know, and work with. He is not afraid to ask questions, and always needs to understand how a technology works, and very impressively, he is willing to work with vendors to improve their technology.

Honesty, integrity and technical expertise are the 3 words that best sum up Wayne.

Greg Wyman

Vice President Australia & New Zealand - Comodo

Wayne Small has provided over the years, through his web site, writings and direct personal contact, invaluable information and assistance. His technical knowledge on many products and technologies is first class. What sets Wayne apart is his willingness to contribute this knowledge and experience back to the community via user groups, forum contributions, blog posting and more. In many respects he goes above and beyond to help his peers without hesitation or obligation. 

Robert Crane

Director - CIA Ops



Sydney, Australia