Wayne’s Bio

Wayne is a technology enthusiast who has been involved in the field since a young age. Starting from building electronic circuits and computers at the age of 9, he developed a passion for understanding how technology works and finding practical applications for it.

His career in IT began by leading a nationwide team of repair agents while he was still an apprentice. Wayne then joined a global PC manufacturer where he progressed through various roles in technical, marketing, training, and sales. This diverse experience equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of analyzing business issues and utilizing technology to solve them.

In 1997, Wayne founded his own IT business, which evolved over 25 years into a highly respected Managed Service Provider called Correct Solutions. During this time, he personally consulted with CEOs and business owners, helping them leverage technology to meet their specific business requirements. As Correct Solutions expanded, Wayne expanded the management team and took on additional business partners. The company grew to employ 60 staff members and generated multi-million dollar revenues. Correct Solutions earned a reputation for being honest, providing valuable solutions, and maintaining strong relationships with their team, clients, suppliers, and competitors.

In 2021, Wayne and his partners sold Correct Solutions to Orro and transitioned the team to the new owners. Wayne stayed with Orro for a while before deciding to take a break and focus on his family. Fully refreshed, Wayne is now using his passion for technology in the role of a Virtual CIO (vCIO) to help businesses maximise the value and benefits they derive from their technology investments.

Throughout his career, Wayne has received several awards and recognitions. He was nominated as a Microsoft MVP for 16 consecutive years due to his contributions to the Microsoft Server products community. Additionally, he was inducted into the CRN Australia Hall of Fame for his community service, joining the ranks of industry luminaries such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Wayne’s extensive experience encompasses not only deep technical knowledge but also expertise in management, mentoring individuals and teams, sales, and marketing. He is eager to share his passion for technology and is capable of discussing it at both high-level CEO/Board discussions and in-depth technical conversations.